spoken word: the secret

This is a poem I wrote about 2 years ago. It discusses my perspective of telling someone a secret of my past, one that hurt me and that I had kept to myself up until that moment. Love can make you do crazy things.

The Secret

By: Carol

The ocean is in my ears tonight.
The slow, steady roll of the midnight tide keeps me awake,
my eyes pinned open,
like an Orchid budding in the middle of May.
The bitterness of the water is a tall, iced lemonade.
The taste,
a constant reminder of my mistake.

I told him the secret.

The trance I am sent into from the rolling sea brings me back and so,
I remember the day like it was happening to me all over again.
The steady roll is gone and it is replaced with a thunderous tsunami,
Wrecking the shore and everything on it.
My words are the cause for this high, all-powerful, wave.

But, his embrace was filled with the warmth of the peeking sunlight at dawn,
just before it breaks.
So beautiful you can’t bear to look away,
but gone almost as suddenly as it came.
This is when I was most vulnerable,
this is when it happened.

My lips were held together with the pressure of the ocean floor but,
his eyes,
the iridescent pearls enclosed in the oyster of our life,
pulled the words out of my mouth.

I say it.


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